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1. Please clarify the exact meaning of the proposed A4 zoning change as to what type of residential structures would be permitted?
2. Does the change specifically limit a lot to 2 residences (duplex), or “multi-family” which indicates more than 2 residential offerings such as 4-family buildings, apartment buildings, or condos?
3. Should the A4 zoning change be approved by Webster voters, what protections would be in place to prevent out-of-town investors from buying up lots, and building duplexes to rent?
4. Why limit this change to A4?
5. Did Webster recently eliminate garage apartments? How are the proposed duplexes an improvement on this arrangement, if both duplex units are rented by an absentee landlord?
6. Please define "affordable." Are the 5 Council members in favor of this change hoping these units will be affordably rented or affordably owned?
7. If a developer is going to invest in developing a new Webster duplex, what incentive would they have to make it "affordable" rather than high-end?
8. The Old Webster proposal includes housing for 1,000s of residents, with much being set aside as affordable. With this duplex proposal, how much affordable housing is the Council hoping to create?
9. Can you please further quantify how many Webster A4 lots would actually qualify for Duplex approval?
10. Where are the videos of the 2 council members that voted against the proposition? The Mayor and the other remaining council members? Did they make videos?
11. City Hall is still closed to public meetings. I believe we deserve 2 IN-PERSON City Council meetings in July. I respectfully request that our elected officials open our City Hall to residents.
12. Why were we offered only one Council meeting before the August vote?
13. It appears that 5 members of the city council voted to approve without actually knowing how many lots or which lots were going to be affected. Why was a vote taken before knowing the number?
14. Why is council concerned about what is the "easiest way" to increase housing variety within Webster Grove and not the best way to increase housing variety within Webster Groves?
15. How many comments in support and how many comments in opposition to the A4 zoning amendment change did the City Council receive prior to approving it?
16. You say in many places: the recent “text amendment modified existing language for regulations in the Zoning Code”. Could you please include the original text next to the modified text?
17. Please place on the website a specific detail of A-4, 7500' distinction (what it means and what it does not mean), etc.
18. Will this allow current homeowners to convert their house into a duplex? I am thinking about the many large houses with unused space.
19. Will this allow current homeowners to convert their garages into a dwelling to rent or sell to non-family?
20. Will a garage or parking pad on the property (not street) be required for each family? If not, where will all the cars go since many families already have more cars than will fit in their driveways?
21. Why doesn't this new plan also apply to Webster Park, Sherwood Forest and other neighborhoods with larger lots than are in A-4 areas?
22. What is the current ratio of rental housing to single-family home housing in Webster Groves?
23. How has the city planned for enforcement of ordinances when a single homeowner is not responsible. Would the residents/owners of the units be jointly and individually responsible for violations?
24. After this passes are we able to request an exception for smaller lot sizes?
25. What is the average home sale price in Webster Groves?
26. What is the average size home in Webster Groves?
27. What is the average build price for new construction in Webster Groves?
28. Do building codes require separate or individually metered water, sewer and electric/gas? In other words, the lot has one of each currently, will they be required to have two separate services?
29. Is stormwater runoff included in the permitted mass and scale? I thought I read somewhere that driveways/sidewalk space, etc., was 1/2 for each unit, so it wouldn't be doubled.
30. I live in a neighborhood with small one-story homes on relatively large lots. Could someone build a two-story duplex here? Are duplexes necessarily side by side?
31. Ordinance 9145 spells out Floor Area Ratios for all lot sizes, A1-A4. Does this mean that the intention is to ultimately allow 2-family dwellings in A1-A3 definitions? Is there a timeline for this?
32. Is there a map, or link, to ALL the WG residential zoning? This change doesn't seem to specifically impact or target the more affluent areas. Are multi-family residences permitted in those areas?
33. What rules do you have in place for dealing with section 8 or affordable housing residents?