Parking Permits


All existing permit holders will need to bring in their parking permits with their renewal paperwork before 12/06/2017. If you do not have your hanging permit with you or your company's business license is not current you will not be able to  renew. If a permit has been lost or stolen please contact Customer Service for more information. Permits not renewed by 12/06/2017 will go on sale on a first come first serve bases. 
Permits not renewed will be available for purchase on Tuesday, December 12, 2017. Parking permits can only be purchased by employees of businesses with a current business license. We will have more information on how many will be available after the renewal due date. Please click on the application below for more details on what the information that will be needed in order to purchase a parking permit. 

Parking Permit Prices
Yellow Parking Permit = $400
Orange Parking Permit = $200
Blue Parking Permit = $200


Residential Parking
Residential parking permits may be obtained at the police department after an occupancy permit has been applied for. Residential parking permits are only valid for the street that they have been assigned to. A new permit is required when ownership of a vehicle has changed.

Business District Parking

There are public parking lots located in the business districts that businesses and employees are encouraged to use. The following maps show the available parking options:
Old Webster Parking Map